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3 things you need to know about squirting woman

The term squirting woman certainly speaks to most of us, but some subtleties are still unknown. What does it mean to squirt ? Why is it associated with the female orgasm? Can all women be squirting? Discover in this article 3 things you need to know about women squirting!

What is a squirting woman?

The word “squirting” is used to describe when a woman will emit a sufficient amount of relatively odorless and transparent liquid (in other words, it’s a little more than a few drops!), during sex.
You should know that the subject of women squirting is still relatively unknown to scientists 🧑‍⚕️ , we would distinguish between squirting and female ejaculation.
Indeed, at the first we would have this particularity of “fountain“, of jet which results in the woman propelling a liquid in significant quantity 💦 . For the second, it would be a much smaller quantity 💧 and a different substance (rather milky), approaching what we know from male ejaculation.

squirting women concept illustration

What is this substance linked to the squirting women?

It is very important to make the distinction between the “squirting emission” of squirting women and female ejaculation (as mentioned above).
The substance emitted during female ejaculation would come from small glands, called Skene’s glands, located near the urethra. While that produced during the “squirting emission” would come from the bladder, while not being composed of the same elements as urine. So, don’t panic! If you are a squirting woman, you can be sure that you do not produce urine when you reach the ultimate pleasure! So you can say goodbye to the cliché exposing squirting women as being incontinent 😎!

female masturbation is the solution to becoming a squirting woman

We are not born a squirting woman, we become one!

And that’s pretty cool for all women who want to experiment with one or more squirting moments. But then how do you become a squirting woman? It’s pretty simple, you’ll see!
What you have to remember above all is that you have to relax and know yourself enough. To produce a “squirting emission”, you will have to devote yourself completely to the pleasure felt during orgasm. It means relaxing, letting go 😍! It is at this precise moment that your brain will send small signals to contract your bladder and send out a “squirting emission”!
The trick that would enhance the pleasure and therefore give you a better chance of becoming a squirting woman would be to tickle your G-spot with masturbation.
Indeed this area also called the clitoris-urethro-prostato-vaginal complex by sexologists would be the place connecting the clitoris, the Skene glands, the urethra and the vagina, and would therefore produce the famous ultimate pleasure of G-spot stimulation.
Thus, the more we know our anatomy and the erogenous zones that give us pleasure, the more we will be able to live out your fantasy to become a squirting woman 💦 (Let’s go!)!

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