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8 Romantic and original date ideas

If you’re tired of traditional, somewhat boring dates where you get to know each other in an awkward face-to-face setting, where you’re not sure what topics to bring up on that first date… We may have the solution! Instead of going out to eat in a restaurant or out for coffee with your next Tinder crush, try proposing one of these 8 romantic and original date ideas instead. If your date doesn’t enjoy the activity, there’s no big deal as long as you had fun!

Original romantic date ideas: the cultural dates

  • For a cultural date, you can always try to improvise yourself as a fake guide in a museum. Meet out and greet your crush like the pros do, or almost do. Let your madness speak for itself! If your date shares the same madness it will be even better.
  • Rent motorcycles, an electric scooter or a slightly luxurious car and hit the town, just like lovers would! If you get on well in the car, and enjoy discovering a city that maybe you thought you knew then there’s no reason why it won’t work out afterwards 😉 
  • Find a flea market being held in your town and go there together. Maybe you’ll dig out some little nuggets or better yet. Organize a game between you to introduce yourself via items. Introduce your crush to your musical tastes, your favourite books… Maybe you’ll have similar opinions?
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Romantic, original… and sporty dates!

  • If you want a change from the restaurant, why not go for a sporting activity like an introduction to skateboarding, rollerblading or even a gym session? An accrobranche course, a canoeing trip or even rock climbing! After so much effort, you deserve a little comfort. Around a picnic, or a good fast food.
  • Try the leisure complexes, where you can go bowling, play laser games or other games. 🤭 Challenge each other and see which one of you comes out on top! The loser will pay for the meal.
  • The ice park. What could be better? It’s a sporty and fun activity at the same time, well suited to winter and one of the best dates to create a first physical contact! If you know how to skate, your crush might not! And if none of you are, then have fun and help each other out.
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Romantic and original dates ideas: to have fun

  • The amusement park. This will be more than a one or two hour date obviously but if you are feeling it, why not? You love thrills and you live within walking distance of an amusement park. Turn this first date into a day of relaxation and fun together.
  • Why not get her to rediscover her childlike spirit at the fun fair? Candyfloss, candy apples, thrill rides… Or why not a little ride to the top of the Big Wheel? Maybe even this magical moment will last the rest of the night 😏 

The aim is ultimately to desecrate a rendez-vous with those 8 romantic and original date ideas. Put it at a level of just going out with friends. In a relationship, you and your partner are first and foremost friends! And that’s what makes it work so well. You two share a lot of things. So start with this step. Especially since you have a 50/50 chance of the relationship not working out. You won’t find love, but you will have found a friend.
Yes, it’s cliché when you say it like that.

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