Aftercare : caring, post-encounter

Aftercare : caring, post-encounter

Much more than just a trend, aftercare is an intimate moment of connection and mutual care, both in the BDSM world and in so-called conventional or vanilla sexual relationships.

What is aftercare?

Aftercare, literally translated as “taking care afterward”, is a practice originating from BDSM, where the focus is on taking care of your partner after an intense session of play or sexual intercourse.

Fortunately, this practice is not limited to BDSM but also extends to so-called “vanilla” or conventional sexual relationships. It involves offering your partner a moment of tenderness, comfort, and communication after sexual activity. 🥰

Why is aftercare important?

In BDSM circles, aftercare is essential to allow participants to smoothly return to a normal state of consciousness after intense moments of physical and emotional vulnerability. 🥵 But even in more traditional relationships, aftercare provides a valuable opportunity to relax, emotionally reconnect, and express gratitude towards your partner.

Gestures and rituals may vary according to preferences:

  • Cuddling;
  • Pillow talk;
  • Taking a shower together;
  • Sharing a meal;
  • Playing a couple’s game together?

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Aftercare: Taking a Shower Together

Pillow talk

Beyond the comforting physical aspect, aftercare is also a moment dedicated to communication. 💬 It provides you and your partner with the opportunity to discuss your experience, what was enjoyed or less enjoyed, and what you might like to do differently next time. Taking time for this open discussion fosters better mutual understanding and strengthens the bond between you.

Not leaving baby in the corner

While aftercare is initially associated with BDSM, it remains essential in conventional sexual relationships. It offers you and your partner a moment to relax, emotionally reconnect, and express gratitude and affection for each other. An important and simple moment, often overlooked or forgotten. 🫤 Simple gestures like cuddling, talking, or sharing a moment of closeness can contribute to strengthening intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

The before

Incorporating aftercare into sexual relationships can also encourage reflection on the pre-sexual, that is, planning and communication prior to sexual activity, even the expression of fantasies. By openly discussing your desires, boundaries, and expectations before the act, you and your partner can better understand each other and ensure a more satisfying, fulfilling, and eggshell-free sexual experience…🍳

Enjoy without moderation

Considering aftercare solely as a practice reserved exclusively for BDSM would be a mistake. It is primarily an essential sharing moment in any fulfilling sexual relationship. By taking care of each other and yourself after lovemaking, you strengthen your emotional connection and contribute to a more enriching and rewarding sexual experience. 🥰

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