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Types of hugs: brief guide to embraces

Did you know that there is a variety of hugs ? These moments of affection in a relationship offer a range of positions to cater to all your desires and needs. Whether it’s to initiate intimacy, express your desires, or strengthen your bonds, the types of hugs speak volumes about your relationship. Discover our brief guide to the types of hugs to practice as a couple. 😍

A simple pleasure ?

Beyond immediate pleasure, each embrace comes with its own set of benefits and meanings depending on the stage of your relationship. In a new relationship, innocence and intimacy can be found in simple acts like holding hands, sitting side by side, or lying with your head on the knees. 😊

Types of hugs and their benefits ✨

Sitting, standing, in bed, upside down, right side up… Here’s our brief guide to embraces to give you some ideas. 🤗

The beginnings 😊

Hand in Hand 👫

Whether sweaty, soft, cold, or warm, the meeting of a foreign hand often signals the start of a relationship. Innocent and intimate, this gesture provides an instant connection. Ideal for the early stages of a relationship. It can also be easily let go.

Illustration of types of hugs : hand in hand
Illustration of : sitting side by side, eyes locked

Sitting side by side, eyes locked 👀

This type of hug perfectly describes the initial desires within a couple. Diving into your partner’s gaze during an embrace awakens intimacy. It creates a sense of stability and strong connection, combining comfort and intimacy while maintaining a certain independence. Perfect for deepening bonds gently.

Head on the knees 🫠

Cuddles, sweet nothings, scratches, and tickles… 😍 Welcoming your partner onto your lap and offering caresses 🫠 what a pleasure! Hair caressing provides deep comfort, reinforcing the feeling of connection and security. This surrender to the other reveals your trust and paves the way for more romantic hugs… 😏

Illustration of types of hugs : head on the knees

Illustration of types of hugs : sitting hugs

Sitting hugs 🪑 (at the same level!)

Sitting hugs carry significant symbolism by leveling differences in height, reinforcing equality. More comfortable and enduring than standing hugs, they promote optimal closeness. The lounge chair position, where one of you is between the legs of the other, is also a very pleasant supportive position that creates a good balance between giving and receiving.

Romantic hugs ❤️‍🔥

The famous spoon 🥄

Whether small (back and stomach pressed together) or large (with the arm draped over), the spoon is one of the most beloved types of hugs! It provides a sense of security for one and protection for the other. Ideal for strengthening intimacy and complicity. It is also very useful for sharing a soothing romantic nap. 😴

Illustration of types of hugs : famous spoon hug
Illustration of types of hugs : arme curve

The arm curve (the “half-spoon”) 🥰

Your partner, lying on their back, embraces and cradles you with one arm while you are snuggled against them. In the crook of their arm, this intimate position fosters love and closeness, offering a sense of unity.

Head on the chest 💖

Quite close to the half-spoon, laying your head on your partner’s chest is so delightful. Listening to their breathing and heartbeat enhances your connection in a calming and timeless moment. 😶‍🌫️

Yin-Yang, 69, or head-to-toe position ☯️

Place your head on the other’s legs and face each other. This rather rare position creates a simultaneous flow of giving and receiving, ideal for increasing intimacy and reconnection.

Why not add a leg or foot massage to it? 🦶

Illustration of types of hugs : head on the chest

Hugs for sleep 😴

Hugs in bed before entering the realms of Morpheus promote body relaxation and strengthen your couple’s bonds. Nothing beats a hug for falling asleep with positive and reassuring thoughts. All the types of hugs mentioned above can be adapted for sleep. Just avoid falling asleep with arms or legs trapped; the wake-up could be strange. 🤣

The benefits of hugging 🫂

Hugs, more than simple affectionate gestures, are genuine well-being boosters, endorsed by science!

When you engage in the physical act of hugging, your body turns into a happiness factory. Well-being hormones take center stage: oxytocin, nicknamed the hug (or love) hormone, is the star of this chemical production. It provides you with a dose of well-being, pleasure, and pure happiness.

Illustration of types of hugs : benefits of hugging

Hugs go beyond tender moments. Here’s a quick recap of some of the many other benefits associated with embraces :

  • 🥰 Hugs promote intimacy and connection: A hug is a bit like emotional cement, strengthening bonds in a special way.
  • 😴 They improve sleep: Forget counting sheep 🐑; hugs are the ultimate remedy for a peaceful night.
  • 😥 Hugs reduce stress and anxiety: Hugs are gentle antidotes to chase away stress and anxiety.
  • 🤒 They alleviate chronic pain: A hug can be a soothing source, even for persistent pains.
  • ❤️‍🩹 Immunity support: Yes, our bacteria also hug 🦠 Give yourself regular hugs to strengthen your immune system. It’s like a workout for your natural defense!
  • 💖 They improve cardiovascular health: Yes, even your heart benefits from hugs. Love is an excellent heart tonic, and they regulate your blood pressure during stressful situations.

Hugs, health, and happiness 🥹

Whether you practice sitting, standing, lying down, friendly, or sensual hugs, remember that these are not just tender gestures but also contributors to optimal emotional health. 💪

❤️ We recommend enjoying hugs without moderation but always consensually ! ❤️

Fully embrace the benefits of hugs, from enhanced intimacy to improved sleep, for a fulfilling relationship and overall well-being.

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