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The best questions to ask on the first date!

The first date… Often a disaster, rarely a success. We wish we had taken some dating lessons or private lessons, because we want to succeed on our dates too! But if you’re tired of messing up too, then we’ve selected the best questions to ask on a first date!

How do you prepare for your first date?

Before you know what you’re going to say on your first date, it’s important to know how to prepare! You’ll stress out, get anxious and even want to cancel the date. This is out of the question! On the contrary, go in a relaxed way, and have fun (at least as much as possible). Tell yourself that you’re finally going to meet your crush, that you’re going to be able to materialise an attraction (physical or intellectual)… And if you’re not in either situation, tell yourself that you’re simply going to meet a new person! It’s always nice to discover a personality 😊
It will give you back your self-confidence. Yes, you will inevitably make an effort to dress and look your best in their eyes! Spontaneity is still essential, of course. Let go and really enjoy this moment suspended in time (if it goes well…). But don’t hesitate to savour this first date! After all, if it’s the right person, there will only be one 😉

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The 5 topics to talk about on a first date!

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to think about what you’ll say on that first date. It’s obvious that you’ve probably already spoken by message (yes, with all the dating apps…). Only, you may not have asked yourself some basic questions! But not too many. Yes, it’s annoying. It’s all a question of dosage! Try not to scare your crush with questions related to marriage, or the number of children desired (or not)… It’s too serious and not very engaging for a future relationship!
Spontaneity! 😎 Ask trivial questions, which have little importance. This will be a bit of an introduction so that you can go deeper into your discussion later! 

What do you do for a living?

This question allows you to lighten the atmosphere a little with a light subject that will allow you to learn more without rushing him/her. It is often easier to talk about your job, especially if you are passionate about it! Try to find out what category your date falls into.

  • What did you dream of doing as a child?
  • Do you like your job?

By asking these kinds of questions on the first date, you can put your interviewer at ease and build trust between the two of you. What’s the advantage of such trivial questions? There are no wrong answers! 

Questions about your love situation

It may seem obvious that your crush is single. But, what if they aren’t? 🤔 Nothing tells you that they are not already in a relationship, or married, or at the end of a relationship already ready for the next one… However, if you don’t want to create discomfort, ask these questions in a humorous tone! 👀

  • Are you single?
    Going back to being single can be a difficult time to explain. You’ll see how open your date is to talking about their previous relationship. 
  • Why are you still single?
    If your date is open about their past, then they will not hesitate to be honest with you, giving you their qualities and faults. 
  • What kind of boyfriends/girlfriends do you have?
    This is rarely a pleasant topic to talk about. But once you do, you can tell yourself that it’s a no-brainer… and you’ll be set on how they sees a relationship! Are you more focused on the physical or the mental? 

With these questions you will know at once if you have the same conception of a “long relationship”. 

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The hobbies of your first date!

The purpose of these questions is to find out more about their habits, desires, hobbies… In short, what makes them what they is. It’s not very clear. But it will also be a way for you to find out if you have the same tastes in activities to do as a couple!

  • What was the last film you went to see? Or maybe you prefer series… What’s your go-to series?
    If you’re lucky and your crush is chatty, then they won’t skimp on the details by telling you who he/she went with, if it was the evening show, if it’s the kind of movie they likes, or if it was their friends’ idea… A little question that will tell you a lot about them!
  • What are you reading at the moment?
    On this one, you have a 50/50 chance of running into someone who doesn’t read and has therefore prepared a list of answers, without really knowing what the book is about. Or you could be the one who is the least literary of the two! We hope not for you… The goal is for you to shine a little on that first date! 😎
  • Do you play sports?
    The purpose of such a question during a first date, is not to judge your crush’s physical performance… The hidden idea is more psychological. How do they feel about their body? Are they able to make efforts to reach their physical goals? Do they like to cook or is it more like UberEats whenever possible?

Quickly you will see what their interests and hobbies are. The quickest answers will be their favourites. But be forgiving: it’s not easy to answer these questions… You’ll even be able to tell if this is the kind of romantic activities to do as a couple you like!

Questions about your social and family life

  • Do you have many friends?
    This question will allow you to assess whether your crush is comfortable in social situations and whether you are comfortable in their company! A large circle of friends can reveal relationships that are not very important or superficial, just buddies. A smaller group of friends suggests that they have been friends for a long time and that they have made them last over time. 
  • Who are you closest to? Do you have a best friend?
    Basically, you want them to tell you about the person who is most important to him/her: the one who knows their best. That buddy they’ve known since kindergarten, or the one they met in high school or college. It is often touching to hear about this topic, this beautiful friendship, so you can discover the sensitive side of your potential partner. Also, it is interesting for you, especially if you are jealous to identify a possible competitor! 👀 
  • What do your parents do? Do you have any brothers or sisters? 
    This is a bit of a trick question for a first date. After all, you don’t know their family situation and if it’s ever bad, you risk bringing up a sensitive subject. This is why you can also show your motivation by talking about your own! There’s no need to paint a bad picture, just tell them about good memories or talk about the little habits and attentions you have for each other… 
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Relaxing first date questions

  • If you had the opportunity to go on a trip tomorrow, where would you go and with whom?
    The idea here is to find out their dream destination and ideal trip. Would they rather go on an all-expenses-paid holiday in a 5-star hotel or go on holidays with friends? Avoid falling into the classic “with you of course” trap. It’s okay, we get it, they are openly flirting with you. 
  • What do you think a perfect weekend looks like? Why don’t you plan ahead?
    If this date is a success, it’s a safe bet that you and your crush will spend many weekends together. So you might as well get used to the idea and visualise what you’re in for. 

If you don’t have the courage or time to ask all these questions on your first date with your potential partner, that’s okay! Save them for the next date! 😉 Expect to have to play the game too, by answering honestly the questions they might have for you. Now relax, and let yourself be charmed. Your intuition will be your best ally! 

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