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10 small attentions to rekindle the flame of your relationship

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” — from When Harry Met Sally

When living with one another, we often forget to think about each other when the routine takes over. And very often, the flame between you is tarnished by force of habits. And that’s exactly why small attentions in the relationship are very important, and welcome. They are a good way to spice your life a little and rekindle the flame between you two. But, you have to admit that it’s not always easy to find the inspiration, but no need to steal the moon to please your partner. Sometimes, the smallest attentions are those that makes people happier. 

Small notes

It will only take you a minute, in time to find a piece of paper and a pen, and you leave the note somewhere you know your partner will find it for sure! You don’t even need paper if you want to be a little inventive, a marker or some lipstick (for you ladies) are enough to declare your flame on the bathroom mirror. No panic, it’s very easy to clean. ? With this, you can be sure that it will enlighten your partner’s day, and all the days that will follow if you chose the mirror option! One of the best small attentions. ♥️

what to do to entertain your married life - small attentions for couple


A classic for the romantics, candle diner. You get home before your partner or you use a moment of inadvertence to take care of diner, and voila! When you’re tired during the week and too taken by your professional life you often have no idea what to do for diner so you get back to the same old pastas. Which is why we’ve prepared this awesome article that gives you some great ideas of what to cook for a romantic diner!

romantic diner - couple activities idea

A mixtape

If you enjoy soap opera, then you’ll understand how this small attention can be an awesome way to make your partner happy. Of course, nowadays we don’t do tapes anymore, so it’s a little less awesome. But a simple playlist with all the songs that make you think of your partner can be as effective as any tape ! And you have to admit that it’s a lot easier to create… ? If you don’t know how to say I love you, let the music say it for you. ❤️

A treasure hunt at your place

This was an idea we had during quarantine. When you don’t know how to spice up your life a little and it’s been two months since you’ve last seen the light of day, you need to find something to pass the time. And nothing better than making your brain work to create your own treasure hunt for your partner ! And now that we’ve been freed, you can see things bigger and have it in the whole town. You could for example retrace all the places you’ve been together, the first time you met, your first kiss… It’ll be a heart stopper for sure you’ll see ! ❤

Create a bucket list

A bucket list is a wish list, of things you would like to achieve in your life. When routine takes over, the best way to fight is to make plans! And what could be better than planning projects together? So here’s our little tip: sit down together and think about everything you want to accomplish in the months or years to come. The goals can be of different scales, no need to skydive every week! You can start by simply deciding to tidy up that closet full of junk, or even plan a weekend getaway for two. The goals are up to you!

ideas of things to do with boyfriend or girlfriend

A throwback in time

If you’ve seen the movie “The Notebook”, you’ll get the idea. And if you haven’t seen it yet, then what are you still doing here? All kidding aside, the idea is to tell a story, your story, in a letter or in a small notebook. So you can both reread the highlights of your relationship and never forget. It’s a great way to remember good times and create the envy to start new ones! It’s also a way to find new ideas of two-person activities, we’ve got you covered for that too, don’t worry!

small attentions ideas for couples

Offer memories of good times you had together

Photos, objects, anecdotes… All means can work as memories. They’re bound to be little things that remind you of times you spent together. Some pastas to remember  that time when your partner was cooking food and spilled the whole dish on your legs? Hey! Not only good memories count… Whatever small attentions you choose, just remember it has to remind your partner of you. You can also choose to put together a souvenir album of your trips together for instance, or simply your life together. Memories are the foundation of what your relationship is today, don’t forget that!

ideas of nice personalized gift for boyfriend and girlfriend


Big or small, surprises are always fun no matter what people tell you! Again, it’s not about throwing a surprise party every week. The idea is to surprise your partner with little things and attentions on a daily basis or just occasionally. A surprise outing, a dinner, chocolates, other small attentions… The list goes on as long as you want it to.

surprises in a couple

Personalized gifts

Gifts are great, but when they look like you it’s even better! A gift made by your little hands can be twice as valuable as any item bought in a store. Even when they’re just small attentions, they’re always a good way to make your partner happy. Besides, nowadays with the amount of DIY videos out there, there’s no shortage of ideas! So now is the time to come up with the idea that will remind your partner that you still know each other so well. Adding a little personal touch to a gift purchased is also possible, the main thing is that it looks like him!

personalized gift ideas

Take care of yourself

We end with this last idea because it’s something that tends to be taken for granted, but ultimately gets lost for many couples. When we live together, when we share a daily life, we often think that the life that we have is acquired and that there is not much to do. But think again, it’s never too late to keep seducing your partner. So, keep taking care of yourself, don’t let go, and you will see that it will make a big difference, for you and for your partner!This might be the best small attention you could have for your partner.

what to do to keep the flame alive - small attentions

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