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Bird Test : how deep is your love ?

There are many ways to test the strength of your relationship, but the Bird Test does it all in a single sentence! Imagine showing your partner a bird and finding out in an instant whether your relationship is healthy. The Bird Test , a TikTok trend that goes far beyond anecdotes to reveal the true connection between your couple.

How do I take the Bird Test?

It’s easy to do! On a walk with your partner, point out an object, a place or… a bird, something seemingly trivial but in which you share an interest. Now observe his or her reaction. 👀

A reaction that speaks a lot…

“A bird? Where? How beautiful!” 😍 The speed of his reaction and the attention he pays to your remark will be decisive. A knowing smile, an exchanged glance, or a spontaneous conversation will tell you all about the synergy that drives your couple.
A positive reaction ? It’s confirmation of a healthy connection and a love that’s blossoming. Conversely, indifference can reveal a lack of investment in the relationship. Your partner’s enthusiasm reveals much more than you might think. It’s a sign of whether or not he’s ready to share even the simplest moments with you. 💏

How can you make your relationship stronger?

You’ve tried the bird test and… it’s not convincing. 🤔 Don’t panic, the Bird Test doesn’t sum up the health of your relationship (thank goodness). Rather, it offers a fun opportunity to explore your relationship’s communication. Today, there are many methods to help you strengthen the connection within a couple. We’ll give you a few pointers.

A strong couple communicates

Expressing your expectations and needs can sometimes be difficult, but it’s crucial to a fulfilling relationship. We can’t stress this enough: clear, precise communication fosters mutual understanding. Encouraging exchange about each other’s needs strengthens understanding, preventing potential conflicts. And why not do it all while having fun? 😉

Have fun & testing your relationship

Here are a few questions you can find on our LovBirdz app, specially designed to strengthen complicity within the couple:

  • What little attentions would you most like to receive? 🎁
  • What’s the best way to surprise the other on a date? 😏
  • What’s the most romantic thing he/she has done for you? 😍
  • What are your craziest moments most like? 🤪

Taking the time to communicate sincerely about your expectations and feelings helps to restore a couple relationship in which everyone can thrive. It’s a simple but powerful reminder of the importance of small, everyday interactions in the garden of love.

Use this test as a starting point for conversations and remember, even the smallest gestures have an impact on the health of your couple. 🥰

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