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What are the advantages of being single?

When you’ve been single for a long time or recently separated, you see life in black, everything is a mess. Frankly, it’s boring. And above all, it’s missing out on an infinite number of possibilities! We give you some advantages of being single.

The first advantage of being single: freedom!

This is the first thing you will gain. Freedom in everything, all the time. There’s no more need to conform to other people’s desires, to leave yourself out… 🙄 Think for yourself, and for your desires. Do you want to live in an organised mess? Or in a place so clean it looks like a model home? Do it, no one can judge you anyway!

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Second advantage: it’s fashion week every day!

You dress the way you want and when you want. You want to be a hottie to work on TV and dress like a bag to go shopping? Go for it! You can even be free to wear dungarees, what an enjoyment. The same goes for money, it’s silly but it’s often the source of arguments or problems. The same goes for money, it’s silly, but it’s often a source of dispute or problem, not anymore. Where you want, when you want, and how you want.

Main advantage of being single: the bed.

Finally! How long have you been sleeping poorly so as not to take up all the space, so as not to spread yourself too thin, so that the other person can have their place? Freedom to sleep as you like in the greatest approximation. One leg on top, the other underneath, star-shaped or Egyptian-style, it doesn’t matter! The whole bed is now yours! And you can watch many adult films without any embarrassment. 😏

Benefit four: the return of pure madness!

Bathroom raving aka a concert after every shower! We know you sing in the shower, when you get out the concert continues and the only crowd cheering is the hanging towels. Pair that with a small glass of wine and live your life as a star to the fullest! No one will tell you that you’re singing out of tune, making too much noise or looking ridiculous. What a great advantage of being single!

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The final advantage of being single is that you can go to parties.

Parties? With mates at home or out you’re free. You want to have a big party? We recommend this drinking game application, Chopine! If you go out and come home drunk, it’s not a big deal after all. You’re home alone, so there’s no need to lie about how much you’ve had to drink! As for the noise you’ll make when you hit the walls, the only people it will bother… will be your neighbors! 😂

In the end, it’s pretty cool the single life when you look at it… It’s so cool because you have freedom, mates and madness with you. You do what you want, when you want. BUT the major drawback is that you don’t get the attention and love you want and deserve. So you can’t play our fabulous Couple Game. And that, for one, is a real shame.

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