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Would you rather questions : open relationship edition

There are a multitude of sexualities, desires and certainly as many couples as there are ways to love one or more partners (life partner, sex partner, etc.). Today we highlight the open relationship thanks to the game would you rather !

If you are not familiar with the concept of the open relationship, know that the watchwords of a successful open relationship are: communication, respect and limits (a bit like an exclusive couple after all).

Communication, the key element of a fulfilled open relationship

Does that seem obvious to you? Good !

It is important to remember that even if you agree with your partner to go see other people, each on your own, it must be done in a respectful way for him/her and for you! And this is where communication comes in.

Indeed, if communication seems to be the solution to our problems of human interaction in the broad sense, the open relationship is no exception to the rule! It is very important to verbalize your desires, your fears, your limits and to confront them without judgment or fear, with those of your partner before opening your couple (and even throughout your life as an open relationship). This will save you many misunderstandings and enable you to fully enjoy your open relationship! Do not hesitate to go through the game to improve communication in the couple.

Would you rather game to discover if the open relationship is for you

The “would you rather” game to learn a little more about the open relationship

If you can’t find your happiness in an exclusive couple, maybe the free couple is for you?

  • would you rather an open relationship where the other relationships can be romantic, or a free couple where the other relationships are purely sexual?
  • would you rather, open your couple to go to friends / acquaintances, or open your couple to meet strangers?
  • would you rather to have one or more lovers?
  • would you rather to see your lover/lovers “in secret” or warn your partner before each “date”?
  • would you rather that your partner tell you everything about his/her other relationships or that he/she keeps his/her secret garden?
  • would you rather, a partner who sees his/her lover/lovers when he/she wishes and for as long as he/she wishes (several days, for example), or a partner who sees his/her lover/lovers only for a few hours per day ?
  • would you rather an open relationship, to test new things sexually or to discover new people (with new personalities, desires, hobbies, etc.)?
  • would you rather bring your lover/lovers home or see them outside?
  • would you rather jealousy or compersion (rejoicing for the happiness of others, like your partner)?
  • would you rather the free couple or polyamory (we’ll tell you about it soon!)?
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