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Got it challenge: test your relationship bond

Do you know your partner as well as you think? 😊 Daily life, work and even routine can make us fall into a dynamic that takes us away from our partner. It’s time for you and your lover to strengthen your bond, and for that we suggest you play the TikTok got it challenge!

Read your partner’s mind!

This game for couples is certainly one of the funniest of the moment!

Ideal for strengthening your bond, the got it challenge is very simple to set up: whether you are, at home, in the car, on the train and even on vacation, all you need is your inseparable duo.

The goal of the got it challenge is to find what your other half is thinking and say it out loud at the same time as him/her.

Your couple will have to choose a theme on which to guess a word, for example dishes, vacation spots for couples, series/movies. After a few seconds of reflection, each in turn you will have to announce “got it!” if you think you have found the word your partner has in mind. Finally, you count to three before revealing it aloud.

This game has as many rounds as you need before your duo finds the same word. But, you cannot give your partner a hint between rounds. 😁

How to strengthen your bond with the TikTok got it challenge?

To have fun with this challenge, you must know your partner at least. But this game is also an opportunity to refer to your anecdotes as a couple, to good memories: “I thought of such a word because it reminded me of our evening…”, in this way you show your lover that you are thinking of your duo.

The key to strengthening your bond with the got it challenge is to pay attention to your partner on a daily basis, and to highlight this listening during your games, in a certain way you are progressing and you demonstrate it by having fun. Your partner will be delighted and this game could even become one of your good habits as a couple!

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