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Different types of relationships 💏

Beyond the traditional exclusive couple model, everyone finds their path in the rich and varied landscape of relationships, where love and sexuality take diverse forms. Over time, different types of relationships have acquired their own names. So, let’s revisit a few. ✌️

Relationship ? 🤔

A relationship is more than just a romantic or sexual bond. It’s an emotional, social, or intimate connection between two or more people. It involves mutual support, understanding, affection, and commitment, taking different forms based on the needs and preferences of those involved.

You might be in a situationship, or your partner might mention polyamory or a LDR. Feeling a bit lost with these terms?

We thought a little recap might be helpful. (Non-exhaustive list, of course!)

Different types of relationships :

Exclusive relationships :

This is the classic model where two people commit to each other exclusively, both sexually and/or emotionally. Exclusive doesn’t mean dependent, nor should you consider your partner “taken for granted.” Also, remember that an exclusive relationship isn’t automatic; each person must bring their vision of exclusivity and build it together.

Non-exclusive relationships :

In this type of relationship, partners agree to a setup allowing them to have relationships with others while staying together.

  • Hybrid Relationships: One partner chooses not to be monogamous, while the other prefers exclusivity. It’s a delicate balance that requires thorough discussion and agreement on each role. 🫶
  • Multi-partner relationships: Each individual is free to explore relationships with one or more people outside their initial couple. It emphasizes individual freedom and transparency. Be sure to define the specific clauses of your agreement; some like details, others don’t. 😈
  • Open relationships: These relationships are completely open, allowing the couple to explore their sexuality with others out of curiosity, to spice up their intimate life, or simply for pleasure. It may include activities like swinging, cuckolding, and more. Whether together or apart, everyone is free to flutter. 🦋💞
  • Polyamorous relationships: Individuals have the option to maintain romantic relationships with multiple partners simultaneously. It can take the form of a triad (a three-person couple) or even more complex relational structures. Polyamory involves maintaining multiple romantic or sexual relationships at the same time, with respect and transparency. 🧑👩👨

Ephemeral relationships :

Some relationships aren’t meant to last…

  • Friends with benefits: Also known as a sexfriend or cuddle buddy, this is a friendship with added physical intimacy. The advantage lies in the pre-existing bond of friendship. 🥰
  • Situationship or casual: A vague, undefined relationship where feelings and expectations aren’t clear. It’s a mix between being a sex friend and having a crush, acting like a conventional couple but without officializing anything. You live in the present moment, without the pressure of commitment. 😶‍🌫️
  • Cuffing: A short-term relationship, typically for the winter season. If someone suggests cuffing, be prepared for a fleeting romance, just to survive the winter chill. This relationship trend may not be a tangible reality, but if it happens to you, what would you say? 🧣🩵
  • LDR (Long-distance relationship) couples: These are couples who prefer to keep their personal space while being in a relationship. Unlike a situationship, it’s an explicit relationship with commitment. Each person stays in their own place to preserve their privacy while nurturing love from afar. In a relationship, but distantly! 🏠💌🏡
Illustration of types of relationships

Why name your relationship ? 🤔

No matter what kind of relationships you’ve had, giving them a name helps clarify expectations and boundaries for everyone involved. It promotes communication and strengthens the bond between partners. The more you identify your needs, the better you can communicate them, reducing problems within your relationship.

The Importance of consent 😌

Consent is essential in all relationships. Respecting each other’s desires and boundaries is key to building healthy and fulfilling connections. When a relationship begins, it’s important to check in with each other and ensure you’re both in agreement on everything, and if not, how you could compromise.

What types of relationships have you tried or would you like to try? Don’t hesitate to explore different models and find what works best for you. 😉

By exploring the various types of relationships, you’ll not only better understand others but also discover yourself. 🫶

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