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Customized dares: what you should know!

You want to add your own dares ideas in the game? It is possible with the feature “customized dares”.

To begin, here is the legend:

  • ? indicate a man
  • ? indicate a woman
  • ? indicate a random player (man or woman)

You have to start to write your dare with an emoji. If you add ?, then the dare will always be given to the woman.  And if you add ?, it will always be given to a man. If you add the emoji ?, the game will select a random player. If your dare include more than two players, you can add as much as you need. When you start the game, the emojis will be automatically replaced by the player’s names.


Write your dare like this: ?, put your finger in ?’s ear. It will show up like this in the game: Julie, put your finger in Tom’s ear. You always have to add only two emojis.

Make sure you select the right level you want your dare to appear in and if it’s a dare or a truth.

customized dares - truth or dare couple game


Use the impartial emoji if you want to indicate a specific gender. For example: ?, give a surname to ?’s penis. This dare could show up like this: Tom, give a surname to Julie’s penis. (or otherwise but the game can’t guess)

Use twice the emoji ? thinking it will replace by the same name. For example: “?, put your finger in ?’s ear. ? will have to suck it.” This will not work.

Save your customized dares

Before you start to write your customized dares, make sure you did the Facebook connection. It will save your customized dares, if you don’t you may loose them. Do not worry, nothing will be published on your profile and we do not collect any information. Nobody will know about you using the game. This is totally safe.

Play with your dares

You can choose to play with your own dares only or not. You have to go to “Customized Dares” from the menu then push “Settings” and activate if you want this option or not. We suggest you not to do that unless you have a LOT of creativity and more than 100 customized dares. If you don’t have many dares, the game will stop quickly.

If you have ideas to make the Customized Dares section better, send us a message on messenger!

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