Long distance sex : out of sight, close to the *ss

Long distance sex : out of sight, close to the *ss

Long distance sex, how and why to practice it with your partner? Following up on our article on the benefits of a long-distance relationship, today we are venturing into the more intimate subject of long-distance sexual relationships. Behind a screen, on the phone or by correspondence, enjoyment knows no borders! 🔥

Long distance sex : keep the flame alive or spice up the relationship

Are you in a relationship and far from your partner? You may be wondering how to keep that spark alive, despite the distance that separates you. Know that having sex remotely can be very beneficial for your relationship. Each couple attaches different importance to sexuality, it is a choice that is yours. Contactless sex brings a new touch to your intimacy… and requires you to be creative! 😎

Long distance relationships: long distance?

No ! Some are separated just for a short time and by a short distance, while others experience a prolonged separation of thousands of kilometers. Regardless of the characteristics of your relationship, long distance sex and our advice apply from the moment you do not have the possibility of being in direct contact with your partner. So if you don’t think you’re affected because your girlfriend or boyfriend lives 500m away, read the advice that follows. 👅

Long distance sex: where to start?

Long distance sex: where to start?

In practice, how does long distance sex work? Here are some spicy ideas you could try:

  • Sexting: in writing and remotely, naughty messages are known to help raise the temperature. Be creative, describe situations or fantasies that you would like to realize. By text, anything is possible. Little tip: describe what you are doing and ask your partner what he or she is doing, so you can better visualize what is happening. Embellish your naughty messages with little photos. 😉
  • By correspondence: yes, despite the move towards digital, a fiery and erotic letter can give your partner a great time. 💌
  • On the phone: long distance sex by telephone is very popular for its high potential for excitement (pink phone). Here, it is the sensual voice of your partner that will put you in all your moods. Phone sex is a good balance between fantasy and reality; By closing your eyes, you can imagine what your partner is doing while hearing their voice. Little tip: put on the speaker or headphones for more freedom of movement. 📱
  • Cam & video calls: here, visual and auditory contact is ensured. It is sometimes difficult to take the plunge because the conditions are new and seeing yourself, how to show your own body can be disturbing. Little advice: start like a classic video and increase the temperature step by step. You can also ask your partner to guide you according to their wishes. ⚠️ Before getting into naughty video calls, discuss it with your partner first. Set clear boundaries: what is ok, what is not. If you have doubts, you can also consult a sexologist for more appropriate advice.
long distance sex : by correspondence

The sexy mode of our LovBirdz application

Speaking of apps for couples. Do you know our LovBirdz app? It has a sexy mode, which could be useful for raising the temperature from a distance. Above all developed to strengthen the bond within the couple, the sexy mode of our application is regularly used to spice up an evening and discuss sexuality together, even from a distance.🦜💜

Top 4 remote sex toys

To make your remote lovemaking even hotter, you can also opt for connected sex toys. From vibrating eggs to prostate stimulators, there is something for everyone! 👅

Here is a small list of toys to test:

  • The connected vibrating egg: this feminine vibrator is designed to bring pleasure whatever the distance. Controlled by an app. Which of you two will have their hands on it? 🙄
  • The remote pelvic ring: LovSense offers a complete and connected product for penis owners. The ring can also be controlled remotely via an app.
  • Prostate vibrator: another sex toy for remote fun, special prostate pleasure! It is adjustable and adapts to all body types, for maximum pleasure. 🤤 Small + the application allows you to make a video call during the session.
  • Vibrating panties: a slightly special vibrator, designed for discreet long-distance sex and in all types of places. Guaranteed silent and waterproof. 💦
long distance sex : Top 4 remote sex toys

Good practices

A quick reminder of the notions of consent. Before starting any sexual relations, make sure each partner is OK. Oh, and don’t forget good hygiene practices! Remotely, you use your computer or phone (which are dirtier than your toilet bowl). So, a little soap on your hands and a little wipe on your screens and toys before doing yourself some good. Regarding your personal data, use encrypted messaging to exchange sexts or intimate photos, you can never be too careful. 🤷

Crossing the border

To summarize, long-distance sex is really a cool experience to have, exciting in its environment and enriching for you and your partner. Even if you are separated by kilometers. With a little creativity and the right tools, you can easily spice up your relationship and explore new territories together, no matter where you are in the world. 🌍

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