Naughty games for two: 10 Ideas for a steamy evening

Naughty games for two: 10 Ideas for a steamy evening 🥵

Feeling uninspired for some naughty games for two? Looking for new ways to spice up your evenings as a couple? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve prepared a list of 10 naughty games to play as a duo that promise very hot intimate moments. 🥵

Why play naughty games for two?

Because naughty games for two: they feel good, they surprise, and they excite! 😍 Whether you want to break out of your routine or simply get to know your partner a little better, initiating naughty games for two is a fun way to spice up the relationship! 🌶️

The problem is, most of the time, we lack ideas. We thought of you and we’ve put together a little special article on naughty games for two; here are 10 ideas to turn up the heat…😘

naughty games for two

10 Ideas for naughty games for two 😏

  • Strip checkers, strip pick-up sticks, strip scrabble: Twist the rules of the famous strip poker to your liking! Turn classic and boring games into sensual and fun ones. 😌 Every time someone loses, a piece of clothing comes off. If you’re playing strip scrabble, only naughty words are allowed!
  • Resist! : Lie down on your bed while your partner stands at the other end of the room. You ask them intimate questions while trying to turn them on, and for each correct answer, they take a step towards you. Who will crack first?
  • Mirror Game: Explore your fantasies by mimicking your partner’s movements in front of a mirror. Sit facing each other. Explore gestures and sensations by synchronizing your actions: if your partner strokes your hand, respond by mimicking the gesture. If you brush their shoulder, expect a similar response. This practice allows you to share your preferences and better understand each other. 🪞
  • Naughty dice game: A special and well-known die that displays different sexual positions on each face. Take turns rolling the die and let yourself be guided by the indicated position. It’s a playful way to explore new experiences with your partner. Our own naughty dice are available in our app. 🎲
  • Naughty accessories: Use handcuffs, a silk scarf, feathers, or ice cubes to spice up your “foreplay”. Let your creativity guide you to new pleasures. Naughty accessories give a new role to your body and sometimes help you let go more easily.
  • Duo sextoy: Explore new sensations by using a sextoy together. Dedicate a moment to shared pleasure and mutual masturbation with sextoys will offer you a unique opportunity to communicate about your desires. Find our Top 10 quirky sextoys. 🔥
  • Sensual massage: Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and excitement with an erotic massage. Use aphrodisiac oils and let your hands roam your partner’s body with gentleness and passion.
  • Role-Playing and Fantasies: Play as imaginary characters and explore erotic scenarios. Let your wildest fantasies run free, feel free to confess your deepest secrets. To facilitate role-playing, we recommend using dedicated cosplay. 🥼
  • Blindfolding or sensory deprivation: besides the aspect of constraint/domination, the deprivation of one sense allows the enhancement of your other senses and also… your pleasure. 🥵 Try it with sight or hearing and let yourself be surprised.

Consent and Communication ❤️

Before diving into the world of naughty games, let’s remember the importance of consent and communication within the couple. It is essential that both partners feel comfortable and in agreement with the proposed activities. Take the time to discuss your limits, your fantasies, and your desires so that the evening is as exciting as it is respectful. 😌

To start your evening smoothly, you can for example use a few ice-breaker questions.

Ice-breaker question ideas:

  • What is your wildest fantasy?
  • What is your favorite position?
  • What is the most unusual place you would like to make love?
  • What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
  • What naughty game would you like to try first?
Naughty games for two

Couple Game : The naughty games app for two 📱❤️

No inspiration? Want to play naughty games as a duo until the wee hours?

Discover Couple Game: the ideal app for erotic games as a couple. 🥵 Designed for couples in the same room, this mobile app offers a modernized version of the classic Truth or Dare game.

Couple Game offers a selection of over 1000 dares divided into four distinct levels, ranging from Soft to Extreme. Start gently with tender questions and gentle dares, then ramp up to more daring challenges and hotter truths.

With the ability to create your own dares, this app is not only free, but it also offers full customization for an experience tailored to your desires. In addition to naughty questions and daring dares, the app also includes a naughty dice game. 🎲 Get ready to get to know each other better, explore your relationship, and stimulate your senses with Couple Game. ❤️

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