A couple kissing in a swimming pool

The 5 positions for making love in a pool

It may be one of your fantasies, have you ever had sex in the shower or at least outside the bed? This year it’s decided, with your partner heading to your pool, spa or jacuzzi (out of sight, so we avoid the municipal swimming pool 😆) to test the 5 positions for making love in a pool.

The advantages of making love in a pool are numerous, and if you weren’t convinced yet, be careful, you might change your mind!

You will feel new sensations, a tip: do not hesitate to follow the rhythm of the water and its movements if you realize your romantic getaway in the sea, it is even more pleasant!

Clothes will clearly not be the disturbing element for this type of hug, however you can play with the finesse of some bikinis to warm up your partner and let him/her see what he/she will discover in a few minutes (if he/she resists until then 😏!).

Also, you don’t have to be a gymnast to make love in a pool or in the sea, don’t worry! Many positions are supported on the ladder, the steps or the edge of the pool, the only point of attention will be to check that you and your partner have feet if necessary in your dance of love 💞!

The 5 positions for making love in the water in the nature

1 – Back to wall position

This position works for all sexualities and is very simple to perform: the two partners are standing in the pool, for a heterosexual couple the woman will stand with her back to the man, leaning on the edge of the pool, while leaning slightly so the man can penetrate her. Homosexual couples can proceed in the same way and lesbian couples will have to bring a sex toy such as this, guaranteed pleasure for both partners 💓!

2 – The antelope position

We could also have called it “like a mussel to its rock”. Indeed the man will have to position himself upright and hold the woman who will cling to him by crossing her legs around his waist.

This position may require the woman to lie slightly on her back in order to hold on to one of the edges of the pool to maintain some stability.

3 – The union of the elephant position 🐘

(I promise, after we stop with the positions with the names of animals.)

Has to be practiced in shallow water, both partners must position themselves on their knees, one in front of the other. By inserting one of his legs between those of his partner, the man can penetrate her for close pleasure!

4 – The vigorous president position

For this position it is necessary to use the steps of your swimming pool. While the man is standing, the woman will have to put her back to him in the position of the chair by taking support with her feet on one of the highest steps of the swimming pool. The man can thus hold her by the buttocks and penetrate her while the woman holds her arms.

5 – The cocktail position 🍸

Certainly the simplest of all and perhaps the most discreet, the two partners position themselves standing one in the other’s arms, while the man slides one of his legs between those of his partner for a deeper penetration.

With a little adaptation and imagination, the positions presented adapt to all sexualities, it may be necessary to reinforce the support of the partner who is “carrying” by leaning on the edges of the swimming pool, your jacuzzi or spa 😉.

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