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5 text messages games to do in couple

Do you want to make your evenings and nights hotter with your partner? Or maybe you just want to know more about your crush? Games for couples and dating in general are essential in a couple, recent or not! And if you’re long distance, miles apart, then this will keep you connected. 💕 We present to you 5 text messages games to do in couple! Get the smartphones out and get creative

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A classic text messages game for couple: “The Chinese Portrait.”

The principle is simple and there are plenty of them on the internet. The Chinese portrait is a metaphor that serves to transpose an element into another context from a sentence such as “if I were… I would be…”. You simply have to ask yourself questions and the other person has to answer honestly. Classic. This is a particularly useful process for introducing yourself and expressing your deepest feelings.You can either ask your partner how they perceive you: “If I were an animal, I would be…”
For example:

  • If I was a color, I would be…
  • If I had a book, I would like to read…
  • If a song could describe me, it would be… sang by…

Or you can simply learn to discover yourself by asking the question to the other person: “If you were an animal, you would be…”

The simplest: “Who am I?”

You all know this text messages game for couples, but here’s a quick reminder of the rules just in case! The aim is simple: you choose an object, a character or a person and you have to make your partner guess it by means of questions. Define together a maximum number of questions so that it is not too easy. You can only answer yes or no for guidance. If your partner doesn’t find the answer, you can give him/her a dare at your next meeting!
For example: You choose a person to guess. Your partner can ask you by text message, “is it an animal?”, “is it a character?”, “real or imaginary?”…

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The romantic text messages game: “Complete the sentence”

The principle of this game could not be simpler. You start a sentence and don’t finish it. Leave it to your partner to complete it. Their answer will indicate what state of mind your partner is in. Vary the incomplete sentences for more surprises, and information too!
For example:

  • If you were alone with me right now, you would…
  • Right now you would like to…
  • If you could go on holiday somewhere, you would…
  • Your favourite sexual position is…
  • The first thing you do when you wake up is…

The most risky for couple: the “Would you rather” game

The Would you rather game is a simple and funny game that allows you to get to know your partner better. You give them a choice between 2 options. Your partner has to choose one of the two choices. It’s a purely innocent game if you decide that the dilemmas offer cute choices. Otherwise, there are also hotter versions of this game for couples. If you want to get some examples of the sexy versions, here are the articles for heterosexual couples, gay couples or for lesbian couples.

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The hottest text messages game: the “Couple Game” app

We end on a high note with this app: Couple Game. If you don’t know it yet, it’s a sexy Truth or Dare made for couple only. This game contains almost 1000 dares spread over five levels: Fun, Soft, Hot, Hard and Extreme. As you progress through the levels, the temperature will rise. You can even create your own dares if you want to go further! The application also contains naughty dices. You will get to know each other better, explore your relationship… and your bodies 😏

We hope that all these text messages games for couple have made you want to know a little more about yourself, your crush or rediscover your partner!

Download the naughty game for couples app through the Apple Store for iOS Download the naughty game for couples app through the Google Play Store for Android
Download the Couple Sex Game APK

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