Erotic songs : our sensual playlist

Erotic songs : our sensual playlist

Erotic songs play a significant role in the musical and intimate landscape, it would be a shame not to give them our attention. Eroticism in music fascinates with the stories it tells, the senses it awakens and the scandals it gives rise to. Here, for your curiosity or to spice up your evenings, an article filled with sensual and scandalous sounds…

What are erotic songs?

Difficult to say… But not to hear! So-called erotic music is the melody that will awaken your senses and titillate your desire. Whether by their suave sound or their revealing lyrics, we know straight away when music deals with eroticism.

Why listen to it?

Listening to erotic music can give you pleasure by stimulating the release of dopamine from your brain, just like during sexual activity. Additionally, music is closely linked to our emotions and memories, which can evoke erotic scenarios in your mind. 😏

The rhythm and style of music can influence emotional and physical response, creating a mood conducive to excitement and sensuality.

To sum up, if you don’t want to watch porn, read erotic news or listen to a podcast, there’s always music!

Using so-called “erotic” songs can also help you when you want to seduce your crush… 🙄

TOP 4 music that caused a scandal

Who says sexuality necessarily means scandal and puritanism…

We all know the classic scandals like the music of Serge Gainsbourg, the music videos of Britney Spears or the famous Madonna kiss… but do you know these sulfurous music which could have shocked:

VALD – SELFIE #3 Nikita Bellucci x Yan Scott

Surely one of the biggest controversies of 2015, beyond the very suggestive lyrics and the catchy rhythm. Rapper Vald presents a clip concept in three parts, Selfie #1, #2 and #3 with pornstars Nikita Bellucci and Yan Scott, each of the clips aims to be more and more “explicit” until reaching #3 available only on Xhamster or Pornhub…


In 2021, as a worthy successor to Queen with “Body Language” and “Like a Prayer” by Madonna, and later by Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X lascivious dance, perceived as blasphemy, is among the most liberating music videos of our time by offering a totally unbridled and taboo representation of sexuality.

Rihanna – S&M

In 2011, this video presents sadomasochistic and fetishistic acts. It was banned in 11 countries and restricted to nighttime television in others. The media criticized the use of whips, images of people tied up, obscene gestures and naked bodies.

Maya Hawke – Therese

Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, is pursuing an acting career while exploring her path as a folk-rock singer. Her debut album, “Blush,” released in 2020, was well received. In 2022, she unveiled a single, “Thérèse”, taken from her second album, “Moss”. The clip, directed by Brady Corbet, shows an orgy scene in the woods, inspired by Japanese photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki. The video, both erotic and disturbing, sparked controversy for its suggestive content.

Music as an aphrodisiac?

If you are already a big music fan, it will undoubtedly become your best ally to intensify moments of intimacy. It can make meetings more exciting, during an evening certain sounds make people dance and bring people together. During an intimate moment together it would also make your partner more attractive, as if embalmed with a charm.

Sensual pleasure seems to be increased tenfold when music accompanies lovemaking, some people even claim that it is more effective than caresses alone. 🙄 By adding a subdued ambiance and scented oils, it can quickly lead to unforgettable sensory experiences in the Stairway to Heaven… 🎇

So why not give it a try?

TOP 3 of the most sensual erotic music of 2024

This year got off to a hot start and some music is already announcing a rather hot summer…Here is our totally subjective TOP 3 of the sexiest music at the start of 2024 :

Tyla & Travis Scott – Water

Beyond a sensual rhythm and explicit lyrics. Tyla & Travis Scott offer us with Water a humid and suggestive clip which announces a scorching summer…

Travis Scott – I KNOW?

Once again Travis Scott is raising the temperature to make this year 2024 a very hot and sensual year. Accompanied by models and actresses Emily Ratajkowski and Anok Yai, the rapper presents a love triangle illustrated by skin and shadows.

Sabrina carpenter – espresso

Like coffee, what could possibly keep you up at night? 🤭 A question that no longer arises when listening to Sabrina Carpenter’s new single. A very spicy song in a colorful and sunny clip which, with Illusion by Dua Lipa, will for sure be THE SEXIEST SONG of this summer 2024.

TOP 3 erotic songs for making love

Were you waiting for them? Here are our top 3 of the most pleasant erotic songs to drape your lovemaking.

Maggot Brain – Funkadelic

Can we really find a more legendary sound to guarantee you an intense sexual experience? For 11 minutes, Funkadelic transports us into a piece dense in sounds and sweating with sexuality. A true journey of the senses to consume without moderation.

Again – Archive

Let’s increase the intensity to 16 minutes of erotic intensity. Archive offers us with Again one of the most intense progressive and modern pieces of our time. Hypnotic and majestic, with a background of melancholy, this sound proves to be perfect for an erotic journey on the skin, for two or more.

Thinkin Bout You – Frank Ocean

More current and more “deep”, Frank Ocean, particularly on this track, invites torrid intimacy. The singer’s voice, which wanders between seductive bass and trembling high notes, oozes with romanticism and desire. We also advise you to launch any album by this artist for your moments of lasciviousness…

We hope that these erotic music playlists will have taken you on a journey and will have made your mouth water.

As a bonus, we could add Son Little’s incredible aphrodisiac ballad in “Mad About You”, which perfectly expresses the desire to abandon others in all its oblivion.

And you, what music warms your ears ?

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