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The Golden Retriever Boyfriend: Ideal partner or oversimplified vision ?

Originally surfacing on TikTok, the concept of the Golden Retriever Boyfriend quickly gained popularity. Inspired by the loving and reliable traits of the canine breed 🐶, it offers a refreshing alternative to the bad boy stereotype. Currently, the #goldenretrieverboyfriend has accumulated hundreds of millions of views on TikTok. Do you know all the characteristics of this partner? Let’s discover together the features of this idealized partner and the nuances behind this canine metaphor 🧐.

Where does the term “Golden Retriever Boyfriend” come from? 🌟

Popularized by singer Taylor Swift and her partner Travis Kelce, the term has been reintroduced, referring to an easy-going and invested man in a relationship. Similar to the sandy-colored fur of the dog, the Golden Retriever Boyfriend is trustworthy, devoted, and very affectionate.

Despite the animal comparison, this metaphor conveys rather healthy relationship ideals, in contrast, for example, to the bad boy fantasy 😎 (a concept deeply rooted in misogyny and toxic masculinity).

If you want to explore the depths of misogyny… we strongly recommend the poignant writings of Andrea Dworkin in “Souvenez-vous, résistez, ne cédez pas.” An extraordinary feminist writer who takes us into the corners of misogyny, the power of men, the fetishization of bodies, the dangers of the night, racism, and resistance to prostitution…

But back to our Golden… 🐶

The portrait of the golden retriever boyfriend ✍️

The behavior of the Golden Retriever Boyfriend is characterized by attention, gentleness, and the ability to maintain a peaceful balance in the relationship.

His three Main personality traits:

  • 🥰 Attention and/or thoughtful gestures: He is attentive and enjoys pleasing his significant other. Acts of service and gifts are integral to his love language.
  • 😌 Affectionate, loving, and gentle: Naturally tender, the Golden Retriever Boyfriend aspires to a caring and respectful relationship. Kindness is his trademark.
  • 💬 Healthy conflict management: Avoiding unnecessary dramas, he approaches difficult conversations calmly and rationally, promoting harmonious cohabitation.

The subtleties of the golden retriever boyfriend 🤔

Although this ideal partner is commendable, some psychotherapists caution against an overly simplistic view. They highlight that the relationship can sometimes become imbalanced, with disproportionate efforts on one side and passive dependence on the other.

Moreover, when a man dedicates himself exclusively to his partner’s happiness, he risks losing his individuality. Independence for both is essential to maintaining balance in a relationship. This quest for the ideal partner invites deeper reflection on expectations and the necessary balance in today’s romantic relationships.

golden retriever boyfriend

An ideal to be nuanced 🌈

The concept of the Golden Retriever Boyfriend, though positive, requires a nuanced approach. It sometimes reflects an oversimplified view of love, neglecting the diversity of relationships. Ultimately, it may be more enriching to appreciate the complexity of “human” partners rather than seeking an idealized “canine” version.

After all, the ideal relationship is as unique as each individual. 😉

Let’s celebrate the diversity of relationships and discover what each partner, whether Golden Retriever or otherwise, brings uniquely into our lives! 🌟

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