Sexual tension in a couple

Sexual tension in a couple

Want to spice things up in your relationship ? 🌶️ Sexual tension is super important for maintaining desire and excitement in a couple. Let’s explore together how to make it last or reinvent it in your daily life.

What exactly is sexual tension ?

Sexual tension isn’t something stressful or tense. It’s more like a growing desire to get closer, to touch each other. Imagine a glass slowly filling with desire, almost to the point of overflowing. 💦 This tension can be maintained, stimulated, or even played with to make it more intense. ❤️‍🔥

We’ll give you some tips and advice to keep that little flame alive in your relationship. 👉

Expressing desire

Creating an erotic atmosphere

For it to work, you need a bit of mystery.

Here are some ideas :

  • Surprise your partner with little gestures
  • Change up your look from time to time
  • Keep some small secrets, but don’t overdo it
  • Create moments just for the two of you

Play a little, as if you’ve just met, for example. A flirty look, an “accidental” brush, some suggestive music – these can awaken things or stimulate sexual imagination. 💭

Sexual tension, expressing desire

Speak with your body

You don’t need words to show your desire. Sensual gestures and intention can sometimes say a lot.

Try this tips : 

  • Look into your partner’s eyes for a long moment
  • Stand up straight, it gives confidence
  • Subtly touch your forearm, your neck, as if by chance
  • Play with your voice, change your tone as if casting a spell

All of this sends little signals that can potentially excite your partner, if they’re receptive, without them even really realizing it.

A word on interpretation

We’re giving tips here to maintain the flame and desire in a couple. This works when there’s a relationship of trust where each person knows how to listen to the other’s desire. When you don’t know someone well, you can misunderstand body signals and intentions. What we think is interest might be something else entirely. So, before going further, always check that the other person agrees. Ask the question clearly and listen carefully to the answer, both the words and the body language. If you have any doubt, ask again. Consent must be clear and freely given. And remember, you have the right to change your mind at any time.

The wait

If there’s one thing that makes our feelings boil, for better or worse, it’s waiting. Waiting is super exciting when desire is established !

Some tips :

  • Send flirty messages during the day
  • Plan a date without revealing everything
  • Make allusions to what you’d like to do in bed
  • Play naughty games for two
  • Take your time before starting sexual activity

The longer you wait, the more the gauge will fill up and the better it will be. No need to rush, break down your desire into snapshots and enjoy each moment.

Sexual tension in a couple : the wait

Couple Game : an app to create sexual tension

It’s like a modern, naughty version of Truth or Dare. The idea is to play when you’re together in the same room. The app offers over 1000 challenges, divided into four levels. It ranges from very mild to very hot. You start gently with nice questions, and if you want, you can turn up the heat with bolder challenges. If you’re out of ideas to spice up your evening or if you like being guided, the app is perfect.

Download it right here 👈

Taking care of yourself to better desire the other

Before talking about the couple, let’s talk about you. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, it will be difficult to create and maintain desire in your relationship. It’s like trying to fill a leaking cup: it won’t work well. Taking care of yourself is the foundation for being able to open up to the other and share beautiful intimate moments.

For it to work, you need to be well :

  • Take care of yourself, physically and mentally
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Spend time together, not just for sex
  • Talk frankly about what you like or don’t like
  • Research erotic languages to know what turns you on

A relationship where you feel good is the basis for desiring each other and keeping the flame alive. ❤️‍🔥

The present moment

Being present in the moment is super important. Smartphone in airplane mode and TV off :

  • Focus on what you feel in your body
  • Breathe calmly to relax
  • Forget your worries when you’re in bed
  • Enjoy every caress, every look

Being aware of the events unfolding before us, giving them real attention will amplify your emotions and desires by creating a dedicated inner space. A little bubble just for your pleasure. Cutting yourself off from the rest of the world, physically and mentally, allows you not to disturb your sexual expressions.

Don’t hesitate to try lots of things to see what works for you. Every couple is different, the important thing is to trust yourselves and listen to each other. With a little practice and a lot of kindness, you’ll keep that little spark that makes it magical between you. 🪄

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