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Pass the phone challenge: Find out what your partner thinks of you

Social networks are full of ideas and games for couple to rediscover your partner. TikTok is one of those platforms that offers a lot of “challenges” and trends of this kind. Among them, one caught our attention: the pass the phone challenge.

What is the “pass the phone challenge”?

Why are we talking about phones in this game? It’s very simple, this trend takes place on TikTok, the basic idea was to make a video compilation. A first person initiates a conversation by saying “I pass the phone to” and then describes or introduces a characteristic about the next person. Finally, this second person picks up the phone and then does the same thing by highlighting a fact about someone.

All these little sentences recorded by video via your phone, form a final compilation that is so funny to watch!

As a couple, the idea is to highlight fun or cute habits or even acts that you have noticed in your partner. The idea is not to make fun about them but to share your complicity by showing your lover that you are paying attention to him/her.

Play as a couple to create memories!

Just as the older generations were glued to their camcorders, today we are glued to our smartphones. Not bad when you know that they have great cameras!

This is the perfect opportunity to create souvenir films, which you can watch at any time.

The pass the phone challenge game is a good way to surprise your partner with compliments, words of love: I pass the phone to the woman who makes me laugh the most”,”I pass the phone to the most understanding man”.

With this game you can also talk about the manners or acts of your partner that make you smile, that soften you.

As a couple, the idea is not to post these videos online on social networks but rather to keep them for you if you prefer!

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