Sex in the car: our tips for heating up the backseat

Sex in the car : our tips for heating up the backseat

The car is one of the best places to make love outside of bed, it is in any case very well represented and fantasized! Would you like that? How to make sure you don’t slip too much?

With the arrival of warm weather, the desire to hit the road as a couple is strong. Why not take advantage of your drives to rekindle the flame in the intimacy of your vehicle? Having sex in the car can be quite a challenge, so here are some suggestions for heating up the backseat, while respecting boundaries and shared pleasure. 😌

Choosing the right spot

Discretion is key for this kind of activity. Avoid crowded areas and opt for quiet spots away from prying eyes. An isolated country road, a deserted parking lot at night, or even a little-used highway rest area could work. 🤷

Be wary of any potential cameras lurking around though…

The ideal would be a secluded beach with seashells and crustaceans…🐚

Setting the mood

For the most enjoyable experience, think about ambiance! Lay out a cozy blanket in the back, have plush pillows ready. Add a romantic touch with scented candles or a sexy playlist. 😏

Even if having car sex is most often spontaneous, it can be very romantic and exciting to fully customize the vehicle to spend an intimate moment in comfort.


Before anything, make sure you’re on the same page. Discuss your desires and respective boundaries openly. Enthusiastic and continuous consent from both partners is essential for successful pleasurable moments.

Sex in the car : Setting the mood

Sex in the car : varying pleasures

The confined space of a car can be a challenge, but also a source of creativity! Explore different positions, caresses, kisses… The important thing is to stay attuned to each other’s sensations and comfort.


Climb on top of your partner or let yourself be ridden! Don’t hesitate to lower the back of your seat a little for more comfort, and watch out for the horn!

In the backseat

For more comfortable cuddling, use the backseat. Wrapped in each other’s arms or on all fours, the rear seats offer more space and one of you could enjoy the view of the stars through the window. 🌌

On the hood…

Very cliché music video style, but fun – your car’s hood could serve as a support for your romps. Be careful of burns and especially of passersby!

Sex in the car : varying pleasures

Staying discreet & respectful

To avoid embarrassing situations, be attentive to any potential passersby nearby. Keep clothes within reach to get dressed quickly if needed. Opt for deserted or simply non-public places, like your backyard. 🌸

The essential thing is to have fun while being respectful, caring, and ensuring everyone’s comfort. May your summer car escapades be a source of intimacy, tenderness, and beautiful memories.

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