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Januhairy: Already 5 Years!

Every new year, social media witnesses unexpected challenges and trends. Among them, Januhairy has become a liberating movement, inviting women to embrace their body hair throughout January.

Originally surfacing on TikTok, this recent trend has deeper roots dating back to January 2019 – 5 years ago! 🎉

Origins of Januhairy 🧑‍🏫

Januhairy isn’t just a TikTok challenge; it’s a response to social pressure and preconceived beauty standards. At its daring core is Laura Jackson, a drama student. In 2018, as part of an artistic performance, she decided to let her body hair grow. More than a mere challenge, this experience was a true liberation. In a January 2019 Instagram post, she shared her first picture of the year, proudly displaying her armpit hair.

Januhairy: Already 5 Years!

Celebrating Natural Diversity 🪻

Since then, Januhairy has gained popularity each year, with women worldwide participating in the challenge. This hair-growing month aims to deconstruct society’s imposed beauty standards, encouraging women to accept and love their body hair. In an era where social media often reflects unrealistic beauty standards, Januhairy provides a space to break free from these expectations and celebrate the natural diversity of the female body. To delve deeper into the history of women’s body hair, check out Juliette Lenrouilly’s investigation: “Let’s Talk About Hair!” 📚

All Bodies, All Hairy ! 🌈

While the movement initially targeted women, it’s crucial to note that men are not excluded. Januhairy promotes inclusivity, inviting everyone, regardless of gender, to join in celebrating body hair. Movements like Movember have shown that men can also play a crucial role in promoting health and self-confidence through visible behavioral changes.

Januhairy Trend in 2024 🔍

As January 2024 has arrived, Januhairy naturally makes its comeback, inspiring new waves of participants. On TikTok, users reveal themselves with humor, creativity, and a touch of madness, showcasing colorful armpits, bold eyebrows, and styled chest hair. Captions like “Happy Januhairy” accompany the videos.

More than just a trend, Januhairy is a statement against societal beauty pressures on women. It urges a reevaluation of established norms and encourages individuals to assert themselves, body hair included. Laura Jackson initiated this movement not as a campaign of hate but as a project to showcase and better understand one another.


As participants join the movement, they contribute to creating a space where everyone can feel free to be themselves, without constraints or judgments. Januhairy is not just a hair challenge; it’s a challenge for freedom and self-confidence.

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