Is my girlfriend bi/lesbian?

Is my girlfriend bisexual / lesbian?

It is not always easy to put a word on our sexuality. We discover each other’s desires and then we get to know our body and the one of our partners.

If for some people, their attraction is clear from the start of their sexual activity: they like men, women, or even both, for others, their attraction evolves. First heterosexual or homosexual, they discover a sudden attraction (or not) for the same sex or the opposite sex. But what can explain the evolution of our attraction and how to manage it with our current partner?

What makes you think your girlfriend is bisexual/lesbian

If you are wondering if your girlfriend is lesbian or bi, something has caught your attention.

First ask yourself the questions 🤔, “Why am I questioning my partner’s sexual attraction?” “What makes me think that?”“Words, actions, observations?”

Several things can suggest that your girlfriend’s sexual attraction has changed:

Does she seems to you to be more tactile with other women (evenother men?) than with you?

If your girlfriend is tactile with other women and men, it could mean something, like a willingness to show friendly affection, even support 😉.

But these small gestures that seem too intimate to you can also reflect a natural and necessary tactile contact for your girlfriend with those around her. Touch is often a way to connect us to reality and what surrounds us, it is a primary sense that helps to reassure us.

If you notice that your girlfriend is less tactile with you, maybe it’s because she feels that you are not receptive to her gestures? If your relationship is rather recent, perhaps it is shyness or even restraint so as not to embarrass you.

She does not take pleasure during penetration and prefers to “rub”with you?

Many men believe that penetration 🍆 is the ultimate pleasure for women, at the same stage as for them. However, you should know that it is above all the clitoris that plays a major role in the female orgasm. So even if women are satisfied by penetration, many prefer clitoral pleasure. That’s why if your girlfriend prefers to rub herself or avoids penetration during your reports, it’s not for lack of affection for you 😉. Try shifting your intercourse toward clitoral stimulation in the future and watch her reactions.

She ever offered you threesomes?

If for some threesomes are a fantasy, for others the threesome can be a real desire to discover and share in one’s sexuality. The threesome also allows you to extend sexual practices, to discover yourself with sex toys, to discover new fantasies and new bodies!

Does she easily observe and compliment the looks of other women and men?

If you’ve noticed that your girlfriend regularly watches and compliments the women and men you meet, observe the nature of the compliments. Are they focused on clothes, hair, charisma, physique? Even a compliment on the physique does not mean that your girlfriend is attracted to the person. It is rather the looks and the recurrence of remarks that can suggest a possible interest.

Indeed, we have all already complimented the physique of women and men without being sexually attracted to them 😉.

She is interested in books, adult videos with lesbian or bisexual content?

For this point everything will depend on the content of the books and videos 💦. If it focuses exclusively on homosexual or bisexual relationships, it can be curiosity, but also desire.

How do I know if my girlfriend is bisexual / lesbian?

Talk to her about your concerns

There is no miracle recipe to know if your girlfriend is lesbian or bi. However, there are several possible approaches.

The discussion

If you are a more frontal person, and need to get a quick answer, I advise you to discuss your concerns directly with your partner. Ask yourself in a place that puts you in confidence and where you will not be disturbed. Tell your partner that you need to confide in her and start the conversation with respect. Indeed, do not be defensive or reproachful, whatever you think, it remains your point of view and remember that it can be true or totally biased.

Couple Game

Another solution to approach this subject if you feel you are too shy or too insecure for a frontal discussion, it’s the game 🎲🎮! Indeed by going through the mechanics of the game you will be in a more relaxed and perhaps more natural atmosphere. With the Couple Game application you will revisit the Truth or Dare game according to different levels(Soft, Hot, Hard and Extreme). This will allow you to approach the subject of sexuality, bisexuality, the threesome, and the life of a couple in a totally new way and respectful of your preferences thanks to a test which allows you to remove themes that you would not like to discuss, such as fetishism, role-playing, etc.

Listen to her

Finally, if you have questions on your side, keep in mind that your girlfriend is not in your head, so she may be surprised when you address your concerns. She may also have perceived that you were putting distance between you and that is why, even if you initiate the discussion, you will have to let her speak and listen to her. I am obviously talking about active listening, which may lead you to questions, which you can ask later.

The same if you opt for a discussion through the game. When she answers the truths, in particular, do not be judgmental or analytical, just try to listen to her answer like a friend would. And if she asks you for your opinion or asks you a question, in this case you can feed the discussion, share your thoughts 💭 and questions, always in kindness.

Whether your girlfriend has become lesbian, bi or whether she has remained straight, tell yourself that we do not control our desires and the evolution of our sexuality. In our life, we can meet several partners and our sexuality as well as our desires can evolve with our experiences.

If your partner’s sexuality no longer suits you, then think about the pros and cons of continuing your relationship or changing it.

But remember, a couple is built together, which is why communication between you and your partner is important to allow you to move forward together just like each one on your side. Because indeed, before being a couple, you are two full-fledged individuals with unique needs 😉.

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