The cutest couple trend on TikTok

The cutest couple trend on TikTok : us in another universe

The cutest couple trend on TikTok, #usinanotheruniverse, floods the For You Page ❤️ with a shower of love. Looking for the cutest couple trend on TikTok ? Well, let me introduce you to the couple trend : us in another universe. Trust me, it’s one of the most heart-melting trends on the platform !

Here we will be a little lighter than last time with the Boyfriend Trauma couple trend, only love and glitter in this article, promise. ✨

What is the us in another universe couple trend ?

So what is this trend all about? It is essentially a celebration of love in relationships. You film or share a video that shows what your relationship would look like in “another universe.” Us in another universe has millions of views and tens of thousands of videos. You can spend hours receiving love while scrolling through videos.

You’ll find all kinds of videos – from cute animals to romantic objects – all labeled with “us in another universe.” It’s simple, poetic and so adorable.

How to do the trend ? 🤔

Now, how do you join the couple trend ? It’s super easy! Just film or upload a video of two animals, objects, or anything else that reminds you of your relationship. Then, add the text us in another universe.

The beauty of this trend lies in its simplicity. So, don’t overthink it. Whether you film a couple of cats, raccoons, or objects, it’s all too cute.

And the music ?

For music associated with this trend couple, most creators use: Michael Cera’s cover of the song “Clay Pigeons”, which was originally by Blaze Foley. 🎶

An ode to the diversity of relationships

But what makes this trend truly special is how it celebrates all kinds of relationships. Whether you’re a couple, best friends, family, or even with your pets, “Us in Another Universe” invites you to share your own love story.

It’s like a beautiful ode to the connections that bind us, no matter who or what they are.

Love in the “For You” page

Let me tell you, scrolling through these videos is like being showered with love. The comments section is overflowing with joy too!

So, why not surprise your loved one with a cute TikTok video? Show them what your relationship means to you with the us in another universe couple trend.

When we love each other, we love each other in every timeline and every known universe. 🫶

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