Illustration of two twin flames

Twin flames

Have you ever heard the expression “find your twin flames”? For the more witty among you, you certainly see what it’s all about, and for the others don’t panic, we’ll explain everything to you!

What are twin flames?

Twin flames are born from one flame. This flame considered as a whole, which split in two at a precise moment, to create two unique and complementary beings!
Unlike soul mates who are born independently and are more “common”, twin flames are rare. Even if some tend to think that each person on Earth would have a twin flame to find somewhere (what a dream!).

Twin flames and relationships 💕

The particularity of twin flames would be this famous feeling of already knowing the other when you meet for the first time. As the concept of twin flame affirms that a bond exists between the two flames, they would be destined to dedicate an unconditional love and to live a strong, powerful, but benevolent relationship! Indeed, in addition to being a spiritual concept to be taken with precaution, one must be careful not to mix the idea of twin flame with the principle of a toxic relationship where respect and benevolence are non-existent.

illustration of two male twin flames
illustration of two twin flames
illustration of two female twin flames

Are these flames only meant to be in a romantic relationship?

Spoiler alert: no!
Twin flames can share a very beautiful friendship, a pivotal relationship that will make them evolve, grow. Sharing, listening and the fusional aspect of these flames will be predominant in the relationship and can therefore be surprising for people outside the friendship!

And you, do you think you have already met your twin flame? 🔥🔥

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