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Truth or Dare for couple : Examples of heterosexual dares

This article is for those of you who downloaded our Couple Game app for iOS and Android, and are still hesitating to buy all the levels. We’ll give you some examples of heterosexual truth or dares that are in the game.

You might be wondering how qualitative the dares are. First, let us reassure you: if the content you have to pay for wasn’t high-quality, the rating on the Play Store and App Store wouldn’t be as good as it is.

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Still hesitating? We are happy to inform you that we create and write all the dares and questions ourselves, and pay the highest attention to their quality.

Now let’s give you a small sneak peek of what you’re missing out on : here are some examples of heterosexual truth or dares !

(For the sake of this article, we’ll assume that mister is called John and milady is called Mary)  

Hot mode :

In here you’ll feel a small rise of temperature between you and your partner, you’re going to want to know and feel more of your partner

Let’s spin the wheel

Mary, Truth or Dare ?

Dare !

“Mary, John is not allowed to touch you. Do whatever it takes to make it impossible to resist.”

Lets spin the wheel again…

John, Truth or Dare ? 

Truth !

“John, what’s your favorite erotic memory of Mary?” 

examples of truth and dares for couple

Hard mode : 

Now you can clearly feel the tension between you, you’ll feel thirsty for more of each other…

The wheel starts spinning…

John, Truth or Dare ? 

Dare !

“John, look Mary in the eyes. Mary has to caress you but if you make a sound, you get another turn.”

Mary, Truth or Dare ? 

Truth !

“Mary, what would you like to try one day?”

Extreme mode :

This is for real now, you’ll only be longing and burning for one another, experimenting new things and exceeding your limits will be your true desire. But, be careful not to burn yourselves…

The wheel spins…

Mary, Truth or Dare ? 

Dare !

“Mary, do 69 with John and choose whether you are on the top or bottom position. The first one to finish loses!”

John, Truth or Dare ? 

Truth !

“John, what sexual practice do you absolutely refuse to try? Why?”

Hoping these examples of heterosexual truth or dares convinced you ! But rest assured, you’ll find much more in the levels if you decide to purchase them. And you can always spice things up with our dice game… ?

If you want to know more about us, you can visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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